Candice Spencer June 9, 2020

2022-12-27 | 14:39:21

"Chris and Eddie came out to my house the same day I called due to a water leak. They were very professional and courteous and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them."
Melissa Huffman June 3, 2020

2022-12-27 | 14:39:25

"Great company very friendly I highly recommend this company to anyone who wants quality work at a reasonable price"
SleepyPete55 April 5, 2020

2022-12-27 | 14:39:32

"Justin came out to my house and located the leak in my bathroom in no time. The damage ended up being minor so no major restoration was needed but the professionalism and honesty was amazing!"
Amanda Folce April 5, 2020

2022-12-27 | 14:39:28

"This company is great! They found my problem, I did not need their service’s. Thank you for being honest and thank you for not charging me for coming out. Amanda."
Erica B January 19, 2020

2022-12-27 | 14:39:36

"I would recommend this company to anyone who is unfortunate enough to need this type of help! We had a major flood inside our home. Eddie and Chris arrived and truly went above and beyond. They were punctual, honest and hard working. Would give more stars if I could!! Thanks dry wizards!!! Thanks Eddie and Chris!!!"