Why Should A Professional Restoration Service Perform Sewage Cleanup?

Sewage backups within a home or a business can pose significant health and safety risks. These backups are usually caused by a number of potential culprits, but most commonly they’re a direct result of damaged or blocked plumbing pipes, a damaged or overflowing septic tank, and in rarer instances, they’re remnants of flood water that has entered the premises.

Apart from being malodorous, the waste is considered a biohazard and is categorized as dangerous, which is why a professional restoration company is necessary for the remediation process.

Many Tampa area property owners often ignore the contaminated nature of sewer water as the microorganisms aren’t visible to the naked eye. However, raw backed up sewage contains a number of harmful living pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, and protozoa.

Even brief contact with surfaces that have been contaminated by sewer water will pose a health risk in the form of gastroenteritis, rash or allergic reactions, and a number of other common illnesses. Because these microorganisms are only present in the water itself, they thrive in a wet and humid environment, meaning, they tend to die off when the water is pumped out and the contaminated surfaces dried out.

As such, respiratory infections are fairly uncommon as a result of backed up sewage because these pathogens rarely become airborne.

Protective gear is necessary along with the correct instruments to help remove the sewage wastewater from the property. Rubber gloves, boots, suits, respirators, and even goggles are a common form of protection employed by sewage cleanup services to help keep their technicians safe. A

part from having the technical skills and knowledge necessary to deal with the contaminated waste, technicians also have direct access to professional industrial-grade equipment that makes the remediation progress quickly.

Raw sewage that’s extracted from a property is required by law to be disposed of according to local guidelines and regulations. This usually entails disposing of the contaminated sewer water within a sanitary sewer system. It’s crucial to handle raw sewage in a responsible manner because the pathogens present in the waste can leach into the ecosystem and cause great harm to the environment.

Professional cleanup services can help property owners get a handle on any situation by offering a number of advantages:

  • A peace of mind that the contaminants are properly and legally disposed of.
  • Timely response to the problem before major damage occurs to the property from foundation problems to wood rot and mold.
  • Significant savings because acting quickly and working against the seeping sewage means less damage incurred by the property.

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