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It can be a long and difficult task when it comes to safely and efficiently restoring a property after a hoarding incident. A properly trained and professional company is there to help relieve the burden for the family, friends and those who are close to the situation.

DryWizard Restoration’s hoarding cleanup technicians are compassionate and sensitive to your concerns and emotions, and those who might be present at the scene of the hoarding cleanup. Our technicians understand the shock and grief that are associate with cleaning up a hoarding incident, and will be respectful, compassionate, and sympathetic to all those involved. We’re here to ease the physical burden that comes with hoarding cleanup and are honored to partner with residential and commercial property owners that are in need of a compassionate and skilled restoration company to help them overcome cleaning up a hoarding incident.

DryWizard Restoration Is Here To Help

A lot of our clients inherit or acquire a home that was once owned by a person who was a hoarder. For some people holding onto things and hoarding them is their way of gaining some kind of a control when they feel that their life seems to be getting out of hand. Some hoarders collect things of no value, like plastic bags, others hoard food and hold onto it way past the expiration date, while others collect and hoard animals.

Either way, if you’ve acquired a property like this you need a deep and professional cleanup and DryWizard Restoration can lend a helping hand and get you and your property onto the road to recovery. Our hoarding cleanup technicians are IICRC certified and trained in restoring your distressed home or business into a clean, disinfected and livable property. We are discreet and professional and will help you with a thorough and complete cleaning for your property.

All of DryWizard Restoration’s hoarding cleanup specialists are trained to be sympathetic, compassionate, and discreet throughout the entire hoarding cleanup process.

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