Hauling and Debris Removal

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Is your home or business in need of having some junk or debris hauled away? Are you in need of a good decluttering to remove any unwanted items? Do you have an upcoming move and want to prepare your home for it? DryWizard Restoration offers full-service hauling and debris removal for both our residential and commercial customers. It’s quick and easy – we provide onsite estimates for removal of items from your home, business, or construction site, as well as same-day service in most cases. Your property could be free from junk in no time!

Items We Take:

  • Household goods and items
  • Electronics and Televisions
  • Clothing
  • Baby items
  • Carpeting & Rugs
  • Furniture
  • Light construction materials and debris
  • Mattresses and Box Springs
  • Scrap Metals
  • Tires and Rubber
  • Household Trash
  • Yard Waste
  • Glass
  • Exercise Equipment

Items We Don’t Take:

  • No Paint, Stains or Varnishes
  • No Refrigerators
  • No Chemicals and Cleaners
  • No Batteries
  • No Automotive Fluids
  • No Pesticides or Herbicides
  • No Flammable Liquids
  • No Corrosive Chemicals
  • No Explosives

DryWizard Restoration’s hardworking haulers can remove almost any material we can fit in our trucks, all without you having to lift a finger. We’ll remove the junk/debris wherever it is and we will clean up after ourselves and won’t leave a dent or dirt behind. We really mean it when we say that we are a full-service junk removal.

How it Works

  1. Give DryWizard Restoration a call at 888-694-9273 for our hauling services
  2. Setup an appointment.
  3. One of our hauling technicians will arrive at your location, look over the items that you want removed, and will provide you with a rough estimate. (Note: The final price is ultimately based on how much space your items take up in the truck.)
  4. Once you approve the estimate, we’ll take your junk away on the spot (in most cases). Payment is due at that time.

Platinum Plan for Frequent Hauling Services

DryWizard Restoration is proud to offer a Platinum Plan to our residential and commercial property owners who are in need of frequent hauling services. All you have to do is pay a one time fee of $25, and it saves you 5% on all future hauling.

We Can Help You in Any of These Situations:

  • Disaster & Emergency Cleanup
  • Hurricanes & Storms Cleanup
  • Fire & Flood Cleanup
  • Attics
  • Basements
  • Crawlspaces
  • Garages
  • Sheds
  • Hoarding
  • Home Decluttering
  • Storage Units
  • Building Renovations
  • Pre- & Post-Moving

Call DryWizard Restoration for our hauling / debris services: 888-694-9273

Day Or Night Emergency Damage Cleanup