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Burst PipesA pipe that has burst is an emergency that needs to be handled immediately! To stop more damage from happening, you need someone to come in and stop the water at its source. It takes a skilled plumber to get the situation back to normal, and the skilled technicians at DryWizard Restoration & Drywall Inc. along with our trusted team of local plumbing service professionals are the right choice for you. We will arrive to your location quickly, assess the situation and begin to make the necessary repairs right away.

Get Help Immediately

There can be many causes for burst pipes, but the important factor is to know that you cannot wait to call a professional, no matter the cause. The longer you delay the repair, the more damage it will do. Even if the main water supply is turned off and the flow stopped, any remaining water in the area will seep up into the floors, carpets, walls, and furniture, not only causing damage to them but also increasing the risk of hazardous mold to grow.

Preventative Steps to Take

It’s far easier than you may think to help prevent pipes from bursting:

  • Wrap vulnerable pipes with foam pipe insulation. This will prevent water within the pipes from freezing.
  • Have your system inspected every couple of years by a professional plumber to ensure there are no issues.

By taking the preventative measures now and practicing proper maintenance, you shouldn’t have to deal with the headache of a burst pipe or broken hot water tank in the future.

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